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Transform is a project of creating a 3D printing ecosystem to bring together the general public, hobbyists, and professionals. It is a platform for those three groups of people to connect and collaborate. 

I aim to bridge the information gap between people with three distinct level of expertise. We hope to make 3D printing more relevant to the general public, to help hobbyists transforming their passion into a profession, and help professionals to promote their works and expand the existing market. 

We aim to make 3D printing more relevant to the general public because of most of them never used a 3D printer before, and also do not fully understand what 3D printing can do to improve their lives.  

We want to help hobbyists to transform their passion into a profession. Because most hobbyists lack of inspiration, and expertise to utilize the most advantage of 3D printing, and to print customized and valuable projects.

We provide means for professionals to promote their work to the general public and hobbyists, and to expand their existing market. 


Hello! My name is Rui. I'm a San Francisco based designer with a duo degree in graphic design and industrial design. I've always been passionate about the latest technologies and how they influence our lives. I firmly believe that technology is changing the way how we design and communicate. "Transform" is my thesis project, which I explore ways to connect people with 3D printing, and to bridge the gap between people with three distinct level of expertise in 3D printing. In this project, I was able to integrate the latest technologies, like 3D printing and AR into my design.  

3D printing has evolved so much for the past five years even though we are still at the beginning of this technology, and it will continue evolving, and influencing more people and lives in the future. I'm excited to see how the 3D printing industry will grow after another five, ten or twenty years.

+1 (217) 979 0893

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