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Transform is an inspirational and collaboration app for hobbyists to grab personal 3D printing ideas and build up expertise. It is also a platform for the hobbyists to connect with professionals.


Weekly 3D Printing Ideas

We recommend 3D printing ideas tailored to every user's personal interests, allows the hobbyists to practice on a weekly basis. 


Connect with Professionals to Work on 3D Printing Projects.

If you need help with a 3D printing project, you can invite an expert to work together. Find a mentor who matches your need by choosing the printer type, material, and printing process that you need help with. 


Track 3D Printing Process

Keep on track of your printing process, and share your prints with other people who are working on similar projects. 


Collect points and Redeem Them for Rewards

You can get points by either uploading a project or watch our sponsor videos. As you cumulating enough points, you can redeem them for printing materials.


Sell Your Prints in the Market

Highly liked 3D printing projects will be selected to sell in the market. Connect with Etsy shop or e-commerce marketplaces to promote your work.

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